Brochure and Background Information

Your catalyst for new business development in
Mexico and the United States - USMDC

Introduction - List of Services:

The U.S.-Mexican Development Corporation (USMDC) provides, within one company, the "know-how" and "know-who" needed to enter and operate successfully in the Mexican and U.S. markets. From preparing market studies and alternative entry options, to serving as export sales representatives, to selecting Mexican or U.S. partners, to negotiating the letter of intent, to arranging new financing, to arranging the sale of a business; USMDC assists clients in developing profitable business Mexico and the U.S. USMDC's executives are "results" oriented entrepreneurs who assist the client in the practical implementation of mutually agreed upon courses of action.

List of Services:

  • Arrange the sale or purchase of a business, land, or hotel resort

  • Assist client in negotiating letter-of-intent with partners

  • Arrange financing for joint ventures

  • Assist client in selection of Mexican or U.S. lawyers, accountants, and bankers

  • Assist client in selection of Mexican or U.S. partners

  • Assist client in selection of "in-bond" assembly plant location and arrangements for "start-up"

  • Serve as Sales Representatives for "large ticket" export products

  • Assist client in selection of Sales Representatives and Distributors for "small ticket" export products

  • Undertake preliminary marketing studies for the client's product

  • To make a positive or negative recommendation regarding entry into the Mexican or U.S. markets

  • Prepare cost-benefit analysis of alternative entry options

  • Export sales by sales representatives versus distributors

  • In-Bond assembly plant, or twin plants (maquiladora)

  • Local production

Fees for Services:

  • Primary Sources

    • Sales Commissions from export sales

    • Percentage Commission of capital raised for U.S.-Mexican business ventures

    • Finder's Fees and Success Fees

    • Equity Kickers

    • Stock Options

  • Secondary Sources

    • Consulting Fees on daily, monthly, or yearly basis