References for

Jeffrey B. Peters

Gaston Luken, 858-456-1950 (La Jolla), Former Chairman, GE Capital-Mexico, (former senior executive at Operadora de Bolsa and Banca Serfin; familiar with some of Mr. Peters' business activities in Mexico)

Jesus Silva Herzog, 011-52-555-135-1582 or 1583, Former Mexican Ambassador to the US; Former Secretary of Tourism of Mexico; Former Mexican Ambassador to Spain; Former Mexican Secretary of the Treasury (participated in The US-Mexico Quadripartite Commission when Jeffrey Peters was Executive Director)

Ron Tedeschi, 860-676-1354, Former Executive V.P., Environmental Systems Products, Inc., (Former USMDC Client for which USMDC achieved positive results.)

William Schecter, 212-751-4532, formerly with Ruder Finn and AVIS (Mr. Schecter is familiar with USMDC's efforts to successfully assist 42 of the most wealthy Mexican CEOs who form El Consejo Mexicano de Hombres de Negocios.)

Barney Feinblum, 303-449-7047, Former President of Celestial Seasonings Tea, who hired USMDC to help them enter the Mexican market. (USMDC introduced Mr. Feinblum to owners of Commercial Mexicana and other supermarket/department store chains in Mexico, and found an appropriate distributor for its teas.)

Miguel Jauregui, 011-52-555-267-4500, 55-5267-4500, Founding Partner of Jauregui, Navarrete, Nader y Rojas Abogados, (a leading law firm in Mexico City with affiliate US law firm; familiar with USMDC's transactions in Mexico)

Ken Landry, 281-334-2008, Former President of LANSCO (USMDC assisted LANSCO in exporting over US$2 million worth of proprietary oil tank cleaning and oil recovery services to the Mexican oil company - PEMEX)

Bill Schroth, 518-392-4722, Former Managing Director, First Boston Corporation (Mr. Schroth was instrumental in Mr. Peters being hired as a Loan Officer at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., and has followed Mr. Peters' career)

Robert Schweich, 212-492-6000, (H) 212-722-8595 Executive at Burnham Securities; Former - Managing Director, Wertheim Schroeder (familiar with many of USMDC's deals)

Bruce Rogers, 217-351-6437, Former Corporate Officer of Cabot Corporation (USMDC successfully assisted Cabot Corp. in Mexico)

Mike Schwager, 954-423-4414, Producer (Worked together on video project in Mexico for the Consejo Mexicano de Hombres de Negocios to raise the image of Mexico in the US pre-NAFTA.)

Robert Sutter, 952-975-6222, Former President of Minstar, Inc. (USMDC found a purchaser for 100% of one of AMF's Mexican Subsidiaries, Industrias AMF, SA de CV, on behalf of the US owner, Minstar, Inc.) (Sold to Grupo Marti)