You May Need an Advisor to do
Business In Mexico, and the U.S.A.

Here's Why!

The U.S.-Mexican Development Corporation (USMDC) is a small, efficiently run, corporation with high level contacts in both the private and public sectors of Mexico and the USA. USMDC has the track record and bi-cultural experience to follow-through at each level of a purchase and sale transaction, a financial transaction, or a joint venture - until the deal is done. We have the knowledge to negotiate and navigate through the often paper-laden trail of a business transaction, be it in commercial real estate, debt collection, hotel and resort development, assembly plant start-up, and/or export sales.

Educated at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and The University of the Americas in Mexico, Mr. Peters, President of The U.S.-Mexican Development Corporation (USMDC), has spent over 16 years working and living in Mexico, and has spent over thirty years working full-time in international business and finance with Mexicans and Americans in both the private and public sectors. He is fluent in Spanish, and he has grown to love and respect both Mexico and her people. He has developed a strong sense of who Mexicans are and how they do business. He also understands that the personalities, methods of doing business, and sense of timing oftentimes differ with each country. Neither is better -- both are just different.

Mexicans have a strong sense of honor and commitment. Americans have an equally strong sense of details and punctuality. Both overlap, but vary - and herein lies the difference and the key to Mr. Peters' and USMDC's special abilities regarding each deal USMDC and its clients approach.

Unlike Mexico, where someone trusted by each culture must be involved from the beginning to the end of each deal, in the U.S., Americans tend to rely on email, letters, samples and phone conversations to conduct business. Both approaches are necessary, but successful bi-cultural deals necessitate the active involvement of people who are top decision makers on both sides. Mr. Peters is committed to getting each deal done - you are hiring his experience, his contacts, his keen sense of honor, his appreciation of the unique qualities and differences of each culture, plus his attitude of persistence, patience, a good sense of humor and the commitment to completing each deal with excellence! USMDC and Mr. Peters can make the difference in a successful deal, joint venture, or business association.

USMDC has successfully completed over 100 US-Mexican business transactions. If you want positive business results, hire USMDC and you will notice the difference!